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10-12-2005, 04:35 PM
We just completed the install of the ZAXIS Landing gear remote from Westhaver Associates.
Website: www.westhaverassociates.com/zaxis/

When we originally found the ZAXIS landing gear remote system we thought "Neat product but why?". Our Wildcat 29BH has a rocker switch located on the front of the unit for running the electric landing gear up & down already - what would this remote system provide us.
Well, after installing the system and hooking up to the 5thwheel we quickly determined that we won't ever own a 5thwheel without a ZAXIS.
Our typical procedure for hooking up the 5thwheel used to go something like this;
1. Extend the front landing gear by holding the rocker switch and waiting patiently as the pin box & kingpin went up high enough to clear the bed of the truck.
2. Jump in the truck and back up to 5thwheel aligning the hitch.
3. jump out of truck to raise the 5thwheel some more.
4. Jump back in the truck and back up to 5thwheel.
5. Jump back out ad raise/lower the 5thwheel until we get a positive lock.

Sometimes we were right on the money on the first shot and other times it took a few tries.
Now, with the ZAXIS we can raise or lower the 5thwheel from inside the truck with its wireless key fob - no more in & out making small corrections.
The install was very straight forward taking only 30 minutes. We located the control box close to the landing gear to reduce the amount of wire we had to run by screwing it to the frame with 4 self tapping screws. Below is the simple wiring instructions which if followed leaves the factory rocker switch functional.
Wiring pdf: http://www.westhaverassociates.com/zaxis/Zaxis.pdf

10-12-2005, 06:37 PM
Sounds neat. In my truck because of the fiberglass cover I can not see the hitch when I back up to hook up so I have to get out to check anyway. So your remote system would not work well for me.

I use a primative system to obtain the right pin height. When I disconnect and drive the truck away, I attach a plumb bob to the 5er's hitch and measure the height of the pin when disconnecting. I then roll this up and store it until time to depart. Just prior to hook up, I reattach the plumb bob and adjust the 5er's pin height, remove and store the bob, back my truck up, check allignment, and then hook up.

10-12-2005, 08:05 PM
I use the bubble level, the same one stuck to the side of my unit that tells me when the unit is level. With a post-it stuck inside the control door I mark down the bubble location after unhitching the truck and know exactly where to raise or lower the trailer back to re-hook. Has never failed and the cost is right. :wink:

11-25-2005, 09:19 AM
The Zaxis is on sale at an incredibly low price right now. $149.00 compared to its usual $239.00
I haven't spoken with Westhaverassociates in awhile so I don't know how long this offer is good for.