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I like the Northwoods Arctic Fox. I'm biased of course because I've lived in one full time for the last four years. But I think for the money their well-built and don't seem to fall apart like a lot of RVs do. I boondock about 95% of the time so my Arctic Fox has spent plenty of time bouncing around on dirt roads and nothing has fallen off yet.

Northwoods is famous for the strength of its frames because they build their own in-house, they don't buy the infamous Lippert frames. If the strength of the trailer frame is marginal there will be a lot of flexing which will cause the part you live in to start coming apart. Northwoods has enough confidence in their frames that they told me it was okay to carry my 300 pound motorcycle on the back of my fifth wheel if I welded the motorcycle carrier to the frame which I did and it has been hanging there for four years, some trailer manufacturers won't even recommend you carry a bicycle on the back. is offline   Reply With Quote