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I bought a 2018 DRV 36RSSB3 MS in the summer of 2017 for $120k. (Got extras like bigger battery bank, toppers, and Onan Generator). I have been fulltiming in it since. It has been permanently parked and only has 150 miles driven. The 150 was to take it back to the dealer to get items fixed when I first got it and they never fixed them right. I soon discovered that i am better off fixing everything myself instead of packing up the rig, leaving it with a service department for a month, and still it doesn’t get fixed right. It’s a shame because i paid extra and bought the full extended warranty. Ended up being a waist of money. The list of things that have been wrong with the unit, and that I have fixed so far are: Shower surround walls not sealed to base properly and leaked out on floor, pex fittings in the underbelly leaking, fiberglass nose cap not sealed to roof correctly, slideout roof leaking because factory didn’t apply the Eternabond tape correctly, electrical short and fire in junction box in bedroom upper cabinet due to a poorly crimped wirenut connection, bedroom heating duct not blowing air, faulty & leaking shower vacuum breaker/anti backflow device in the bedroom wall, topper bracket screw puncturing exterior fiberglass skin, various structural screws backing out, leaking bedroom skylight, poorly sealed exterior seams, leaking Lippart from landing jack. And the list goes on but you get the picture. I think no matter what brand, model, or amount of money you pay for a unit, there will ALWAYS things wrong with it from the beginning. And no matter how experienced or familiar you are with how they are put together and the systems that make them operate correctly, you will never 100% be able to identify what is wrong or broken with them before you drive it off the lot. It takes living in them and using them for a significant amount of time to be able to know what wasn’t done correctly from the factory. Do your best and take your time at the dealership to thoroughly inspect the entire unit, even if that means taking days to do the inspections. And be prepared to be married to the thing and do constant maintenance and fix everything yourself. Otherwise, the dealership/service department will have your unit more than you do, and you’ll be without a home if you are fulltiming.
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