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OneReallyOldGuy 01-07-2020 06:56 PM

LED lighting
One of my ceiling lights has started strobing. I canít get the fixture off to replace it. I know itís just a quarter turn to get it off but I canít get it to move barehanded. Any ideas on getting it loose without tearing the soft touch ceiling or shattering the fixture cover?

OCB 01-08-2020 08:33 AM

I use a big pliers or pipe wrench, put a towel between the ceiling, glass and wrench. I tried a strap wrench but didn't work as good as a hard tool. Also the towel doubles to catch any glass clips ifffff that were such.

Cummins12V98 01-08-2020 05:07 PM

You could try holding an ice pack as you want the glass to contract.

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