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LarryFlew 05-18-2020 04:01 PM

Single to duel kits
Anyone done this to their single? Pretty much at the max for our 3500 GMC single and looking at a possible upgrade that would put us over the edge of singles. Really like the truck and not ready to purchase another.

porkchop 05-18-2020 04:04 PM

I'm guessing you meant 3500. No matter what you do, you can not change the rating of your truck. Only the factory can do that.


LarryFlew 05-18-2020 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by porkchop (Post 29622)
I'm guessing you meant 3500. No matter what you do, you can not change the rating of your truck. Only the factory can do that.


Question to me becomes whether adding the kit makes the specs the same as factory dually specs vs single. IE single rate is 10K and factory dually rate is 13K. This particular truck already has added spring and air bags added so adding a dually kit to me should give me the extra 2K I'm looking for. No lift btw still standard height.

Notanlines 05-18-2020 07:45 PM

Like Porkchop said, read the door post. That's all it will ever be. It's like putting lipstick on a pig.

porkchop 05-19-2020 08:32 AM

You got it!! There is NOTHING you can do to change the factory rating. Air bags do NOTHING to the ratings.!!


wingnut60 05-20-2020 09:05 PM

Yeah, can't change the factory ratings...but what are you trying to gain? Axle capacity or tire capacity? Putting 2 more tires on the rear will add tire capacity (ads in Trailer Life for many years from a company that supplies kits--never seen the reason to spend money on something that really doesn't change ratings)--but not help on axle ratings.

BearKeller 05-25-2020 04:44 PM

Trouble with it is the rest of the truck is only rated for 10K, brakes, axles, drive train, etc. Like everyone else has said you will still only have a 10k rated truck in the eyes of the law.

Photomonjax 05-25-2020 06:53 PM

Adding the xtra wheels will only affect the handling of the truck and will not do the upgrade
you are looking for. If you have never driven a duelly go to a dealer and drive one. handle different and the ride is too.

MTK46 05-26-2020 12:18 PM

Easiest way to do it is to trade it in on a real one ton dully truck. ;)

LarryFlew 05-26-2020 02:37 PM

Easiest is we are to stay with what we have. Really only reason to move to toy hauler was so DW can sleep without the snoring etc in separate bedroom rather than making up the current sofa bed every night. We did get her a really comfortable sofa bed but it is a PITA to deal with nightly.

Edd505 05-26-2020 10:01 PM

Go to a wrecking yard and get a rear axle from a 1 ton there. he weight cops here will all say get a new truck. I spent 25 years in LE, several in a traffic safety unit on a motor cycle, the only thing I checked was VIN numbers. RV weight cops are only on the internet, real weight cops check commercial vehicles.

The next will by if your in an A/A and they will weigh you and your insurance won't pay. If your in an A/A bad enough they would have to gather all the pieces and truck them to a scale. Unless your pulling 20K with a half ton no ones going to blink.

I pull 14K all the time with a SRW 1 Ton and I live and travel in the west coast mountains. I run Wolf Creek pass multi times in a season with relatives on both side of the pass.

Notanlines 05-27-2020 05:38 AM

Larry, at risk of giving up my man card, why doesn't the SNORER go sleep on the couch?

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