View Full Version : A famous dog rally in Branson MO.

02-27-2008, 08:21 PM
Rally in Branson Missouri June 4th through 8th 2008. This is the
"Old Fellah Rally" Old Fellah is a famous rescued dog. Book has been written about him and his owner has started an Animal shelter in Georgia. They have saved many dogs and cats lives. This is a no kill shelter. We raise money for this very touching cause. Lots of fun too. Pot lucks, dog things. They may have the dog agility course again this year. Dog parades. Very friendly dog rally.
The rally is at ABC Campground in Branson MO. Talk to Michelle for Old Fellah Rally at 1-800-671-4399. There is a $20 dollar registration fee to hold your site.
Please come. You will enjoy it. And your dog will enjoy it too. If you don't have a dog you can still come and enjoy the rally. Great people there.
Check out the Old Fellah story on RV net in Pet stop thread. Have a hanky handy but story has a happy ending. Old Fellah will be at the rally too. They are talking about maybe a movie about him some day.