View Full Version : Water System Question

05-17-2007, 04:39 PM
Today was water day. Put water in tank (no hookups in yard I store trailer) and turned pump on for the first time. Taps all worked and water flowed. Took a while but I think I figured out how to take the hot tank off of bypass. Moved one valve with green handle and water stopped coming out of hot taps...air (while tank filled I guessed) and finally water again. This is the only valve I need to turn???

I then switched on hot water tank and after about an hour I tried the tap and got hot water. Seems to work...a good feeling.

I shut the pump off and closed the trailer. As I closed the basement I noticed it was wet. It appears there is a leak on the hose coming off the right (as you look at it) end of the manifold that goes to a "T" (presure relief valve?) and eventually to the docking station shower. It seems to come trom the fitting where it crips to the hose. What would happen if I just turned off the valve to that line? The assumed pressure relief would not be in the presurized system but there is another one on the hot line so it should be OK???

What da ya think I should do? Doubt that I would use the outside shower thing often and my system would still be operable till I can get somehere to get a new hose.

Thanx in advance
A newbie trying to figure out this RV stuff