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05-12-2007, 02:46 PM
Can those of you with the side bath, tell me how you have done with the small closet. How do you hang your clothes and where do you put your shoes. we have the tk3 and and our closet is FULL would like the sb 3 but don't know where to put all our things. what creative ideas have you come up with. Any help would be great

05-13-2007, 08:25 AM
We ordered without touring. Found one at another dealer and were shocked with the lack of closet space. Complained on this and other forums and to the factory reps.

The factory is changing the 2008 SB3. The closet is redesigned to be deeper. I have been told that they reduced the insulation depth and moved the back wall of the closet closer to the front cap.

We have a trim carpenter preparing to move the wall closer to the cap and have removed the drawers on either side of the BR TV. New hanging closets and storage spaces are being built including removing the electronics shelving. There is a lot of space that, in our minds, was not efficiently designed for fulltimers.

Look at the bath vanity. It is placed over the toilet. This is because Doubletree requires a bathroom window. We ordered a second vanity, removed the window trim and installed. We now do not drop our toothbrush in the toilet. And can shave without turning sideways from the sink.

I think that Doubletree let their fulltimer designers go on vacation when the drew the SB3.

We like the enclosed bath. We love the washer/dryer slideout. We have issues with storage and closets.