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05-06-2007, 10:13 AM
boy do i have a lot of questions! Personally I like all vinyl awnings. Heat pumps,are they noisy?..we use lil BIG Heat in present rug. Prev. post said something about no mirror over vanity in bath? I want a mobile suite for sure...husband insists on side bath.
There are two central vacs out there, are MS still insisting on DIRT DEVIL...not enough power!
Window silks..what is that? Those little side panels can't be it....for 1500 dollars. we are ordering without recliners or couch....anyone else done this? We want a double lazyboy loveseat and matching hide a bed. Also how are those King mattresses? And do we have to do it at factory or in our yard
We have spent a lot of time in TK3 and very little in SB3....anyone in Las Vegas or nearby with one that would like to show us theirs this wekend??? No SB3 close . Re the folding chairs comfortable enough for hours at the lap top?
I need lots of pictures. and advice. We are getting a good deal but have to finish up pretty quick to avoid 2008 price increase.

05-06-2007, 02:47 PM
We're not in Vegas, no heat pump nor do we have the SB3. So can't help you with those things. There are plenty of previous questions concerning, but it does take lots of reading.

We do have the window silks on our Elite. We didn't order ours, but bought existing inventory. The WS's show up clearly on pictures of the Elite at DT website or in the brochure. But without you would have the dark window of the Mobile or Select.

Looking in, it helps with privacy. Looking out, it's like looking at my side-speakers on the monitor. Teeny-tiny holes. It bothers some, but not others. I'm an other, doesn't bother me at all.

05-06-2007, 03:13 PM

I have an 06 36TK3 so can't help you much on the SB

I have no problem with the vinyl awings.

As for the heat pumps get them on both units they are quiet and work very well I guess I should say they do a good job when they work. They sometimes are a bit touchy about operating as they should but I would not be without them.

I have a Dirt Devil central vac in my 06 and it works very well.

Window silks are what you find on some of the Elite Suites on the outside it looks like they painted over the windows but from the inside it's like Hitchup described. I'm not really sure they are still using them on current models. You would have to call the factory to find out for sure

I know of others that have ordered without furniture

As for the King Mattress in my trailer anyway it's not a real good mattress you can sleep on it but there are better one's out there.

Can't comment on the folding chairs I use one of the dinette chairs it it works very well.

I know that the 36TK3 is the number one selling floor plan for DT told that by me dealer anyway. I know that the SB has some quirks but it's all in what you need and want. You know how it is would be a boring life if everyone liked the same thing.

One last thing don't even think about getting it without thermo pane windows one of the best options that we bought.

Hope this is some help

As always good camping

Joyce and Jerry

05-06-2007, 08:15 PM
okay i guess i will go back to the books and see what the window silks are...i thought maybe it was something that i could sew myself and try to make mine a little different. that part of full timing drives me crazy.
I LOVE the TK3 but DH wants that bathroom. so i thought ok...and i thought i would be getting more closet space but an earlier post made it sound like less.
my friends 2006 TK3 has two cupboards on the dresser on either side of the window....new rigs are one big vanity top...i need drawers and cupboards, not the wide open spaces to collect more "stuff" on them.grrrrrrrrrrrr
everything is going to be okay. I guess we will get the two heat pumps...I just thought that the heat rising from downstairs would be enough...will go ahead with the two. also getting "Louisiana Cut" on the main floor instead of carpet...i hope it will look okay. can't keep the carpet clean when we are out there in the rain and mud and fishing boots and all that stuff...seems like i am a slave to the rug. So I would rather mop and put down some nice throw rugs that I can put in the laundry.
Also will do the Big Foot Levelers after-market. And I forgot to say that it will be the Elite suite. Wish I could set foot in it again...the SB3 I mean.
The lazy boy love seat should be okay since the back comes off...but I'm not sure about the hide a bed.....and it wouldn't be much fun putting in the king size mattress after market either. Our present rig was a real blast when we were putting in the nice new queen size mattress.
we are having the generator prep, the Xantrex inverter, all the slide toppers and awning all around. One touch awning on present rig has spoiled me...wish I could do that all around ...and it was before "wind sensor" was around.
This is so tough I can barely think of what shopping a new (or used ) MD truck will be like!!
I did order the OAK , only because I thought it would be too hard to find accessories for the Maple. I am omitting all wall mounted light fixtures....have removed most in present rig and put up pretty pics or shelves here and there. Never turned them on anyway...put in some nice small lamps though.
What does everyone think of the location of the 40 inch TV now? too bad to lose the only side window...and when working on the cfomputer DH will be right smack in front of the TV.
I think I will try to get the Mobile counter tops instead of the granite though...for various reasons..one being weight and the availability of counter extensions...........geez I love that TK3 kitchen. oh well
I am ordering extra shelves for everywhere i could think of.
H range tires....yes, all the suspension extras...
Can you think of anyting else that youj would order if you had it to do over again? thank you,, Cyndy

05-07-2007, 09:44 AM
If we were to order another 5er, it would definitely be without any living room furniture. We've slowly replaced the furniture in our Elite over the last year. Would have liked to save money upfront, but didn't think about it.

In place of the QN sofa bed, we have LZB loveseat rocker recliners with a drawer unit in between (looks similiar to a theater group.) Great place for all the remotes & snacks below...

Last month we after seeing a great chair & half twin sofa bed with a storage ottoman, we took another trip to a LZB showroom. They had one large enough to seat two. It doesn't come apart like the recliners, but still fits through our door. Two delivery men brought it in & set it up for us at the CG. Bought it on Sunday & it was here the next afternoon. Deep red color matches the curtains I made. It sits in the slide area in place of the original recliners because it's wider space.

Am curious as to why you're choosing an Elite over a Mobile Suite. They have same floorplans, similiar options & same construction. I love the granite tops, but would like to see DT change over to the new granite-like material. Similiar look & durablility, but less weight.