View Full Version : ordering SB3

05-06-2007, 10:05 AM
boy do i have a lot of questions! Personally I like all vinyl awnings. Heat pumps,are they noisy?..we use lil BIG Heat in present rug. Prev. post said something about no mirror over vanity in bath? I want a mobile suite for sure...husband insists on side bath.
There are two central vacs out there, are MS still insisting on DIRT DEVIL...not enough power!
Window silks..what is that? Those little side panels can't be it....for 1500 dollars. we are ordering without recliners or couch....anyone else done this? We want a double lazyboy loveseat and matching hide a bed. Also how are those King mattresses? And do we have to do it at factory or in our yard
We have spent a lot of time in TK3 and very little in SB3....anyone in Las Vegas or nearby with one that would like to show us theirs this wekend??? No SB3 close . Re the folding chairs comfortable enough for hours at the lap top?
I need lots of pictures. and advice. We are getting a good deal but have to finish up pretty quick to avoid 2008 price increase.