View Full Version : Leak check

05-06-2007, 09:16 AM
I have been fighting a leak in the rear of the doorside slide from the time we bought the unit a year ago last August. Caulking the window and cleaning out the grunged up weather strip helped some of it. I found it was leaking away from the window as well.

I went back outside and checked the roof line edge and found the caulk there was applied in a "frugal" manner with an incomplete bead. This left gaps between the EPDM and the clamp trim strip that holds it in place. I cleaned it off and ran a good bead down the edge. I also looked over the bottom of the slide and found the caulk was not run to the end of the lower edge. It stopped at the edge of the wiper seal leaving the back 3 inches of the slide unsealed. So far in 2 different rain storms dropping bore than 3 inches (gotta love Southern Louisiana) no further leaks at the window or bottom edge of the slide wall soaking the carpet.

I recommend that MS owners go check ALL the seams that are supposed to be caulked for full coverage and good beads with no gaps. I found several gaps in caulk beads on the roof in other areas. It looked like trying to apply the caulk in too little time and with no care to insure that the bead bridged the gap. I used RV "gap sealer" that is compatible with EPDM roofing material. It is available through RV supply sources that deal in hardware. Do not use just any caulk on the roof membrane as it may not be compatible with it.