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John Harrelson
12-26-2006, 11:56 PM
Many of you are familiar with the little program you can download free from the Internet named “IE SPELL”..

It’s a super handy program when taking part in online discussions that require you to type .. It helps you correct your spelling..

But did you folks know about two other programs that can also be downloaded from the Internet …. also for free ?

#1. “Merriam-Webster” dictionary …. This is handy when you have a word that you are unsure of it’s meaning.. Example: You dip water out of a boat… do you “BAIL” or do you “BALE”..

All you have to do is “RIGHT-CLICK” on the word and the dictionary pops up with the definition and the correct pronunciation … and you can actually hear the dictionary speak the word.

#2. “Wikipedia” encyclopedia … This is handy when you want to check on the facts about something.. Example: you are in a discussion about black powder and someone said there was four ingredients in the formula… is that true ?

With the Wikipedia encyclopedia, simply “RIGHT-CLICK” on the words black powder and poof there is the complete history and information about it.

I have all three of these programs on my computer and they are great…and absolutely FREE downloads from the Internet..

They are small programs and don’t take but a minute to download and don’t take much space on your hard drive..

If you decide that you would like to have them, simply do a search on the internet using the words “WIKIPEDIA” and “MERRIAM-WEBSTER”..

Best Wishes,