View Full Version : Forward bed slide off center

09-07-2022, 04:15 PM
I did a search in this section for this subject and could not find anything. It's hard to believe that this hasn't come up but here goes.

In my quest to buy a used RV I looked at a 2012 Forest River Wildcat. The slide out for the forward bed is off center to the point where the rubber seal flap does not even touch the side of the slide at the top and loosely touches it at the bottom. So clearly the slide is not centered. This slide as I observed is not adjustable from the outside like the living room slide is. Has anyone else seen this problem and had it fixed?

The living room slide has a similar problem although not as bad. What might have caused this? The coach otherwise is in great shape. I might have even made an offer then and there however this slide issue spooked me. I don't think an RV dealer will have much interest working on this since I did not but it from them. Any suggestions?

09-09-2022, 08:00 AM
You're looking at an eleven year old RV with eleven years of use. You'll have troubles enough without multiple troubles added on. Move on and look elsewhere.

09-19-2022, 11:58 AM
Every slide system has the ability to be corrected if alignment is off. But not knowing which system is in your camper, it's impossible to steer you in right direction.

Here's a YouTube video that explains the different types of slide mechanisms and some helpful information to get you started.