View Full Version : window latch replacement

07-06-2022, 03:07 PM
Hey All

I need to replace the right side window latch in the bedroom safety egress/escape window of my 2019 keystone cougar half ton. (29RKS )

Does one have to rmove the window and take it apart to replace the latch, is there a metal replacement as opposed to plastic crap ?


07-11-2022, 04:08 PM
A picture would be nice so we know what you're talking about

07-11-2022, 04:26 PM
this is the one with the red handle.. You need to drill the two rivets out .. You need a rivet gun, most come with rivets .. Not much money... Don't get the same brand.. I have been thru this.. the original is too thin and breaks.. their is another brand that is thicker.. It costs around 30.00.. but you won't have to do it again..

07-11-2022, 06:29 PM
I will gets some pics tmro, thanks much for your time !