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05-08-2022, 04:52 PM
My hubby and I will be retiring within the year. We've always wanted to live on the road in a 5th wheel. We are researching and learning...a lot. Curious about length of vehicles and monthly budgeting suggestions for campgrounds. We know a bit about boondocking but it doesn't seem practical to do that solely.

freestyle freddy
05-16-2022, 05:05 PM
Exciting time!!!! I remember 17 years ago when we first decided to go fulltme. We spent the next 5 years researching our financial status to verify we could do it. I also subscribed to rvtravel.com, the largest & free rving newsletter for rving info. I learned a ton over the 5 years before we started our travels. We spent an entire year, looking at over 150 units, for the right 5er. Finally ordered a 34 ft from New Horizons. 34 ft is about the longest you want if you plan to stay in older campgrounds or many of the state & national parks. Those older parks weren't built for today's 38-45 footers. If you have the funds to set up your 5er with solar & especially lithium batteries, you'll give yourself so much more flexibility as to where you can explore & how long you can stay off grid. If you want to boondock a lot, get large waste & fresh water capacities. We have 85 fresh, 70 grey & 70 black. we have 700watts solar & 460AH of battery. About 50% of our camping has been boondocking over 12 years. That's been much of our most memorable times. We''ve travelled 200K+ miles, to every state at least once & Alaska twice.
Budgeting is hard because it depends on areas of the country you're in, & weather affects utility expense. Take your time choosing the right rv first, & then the right truck to tow it. You'll also want a 5er with large storage capacity, since you'll be fulltime. Good luck.

05-16-2022, 06:34 PM
Freddy gave you great info. Weíve been full timing 4 years. We went the opposite direction. 42 ft. Mobile Suites, bath and a half, washer, dryer, dishwasher, stovetop, oven, king size bed, residential refrigerator. Boondocking is out of the question. National parks are out too. 50 gallon black tank fills up in three days, refrigerator needs juice!
My wife works, Iím retired. COVID was tough, really tough but we made it through still married (40 years) and without killing each other.
Dealer (rvís for less, great people) tried to talk us out of the 1/2 bath but itís a must in my opinion. Guests donít have to go through your bedroom to pee. Likewise when wifey is sleeping and Iím still up watching tv.
Budget is all over the map. Generally a concrete pad with great wifi is way more than gravel with so so wifi which is more than dirt and non existent wifi. Location is also key. 18 miles from the entrance to Yellowstone on a gravel/dirt site is north of 2 grand for 3 weeks. A month at a ďluxuryĒ resort in the middle of nowhere Florida is under 900 a month including utilities. Also the longer you stay the less expensive per night.
But wait, thereís more!
I donít miss having a house at all.
I do miss having a small vehicle when I go downtown in any city, USA.
I could go on but I know youíre bored by now if you made it this far. Have more questions? Post em. This group is relatively small but these guys know their stuff.