View Full Version : 5th wheel hitch

02-07-2022, 07:02 PM
Husky 16 k slider vs q20. Trailer gvw 1400

02-07-2022, 08:40 PM
You might want to consider providing more information. What kind of two vehicle, what kind of trailer, specifically.

02-07-2022, 09:59 PM
I love these posts!!!

Let's all play guess what the op wants to know!!!

If a Q20 is a cURT I can tell you their hitches are a PITA to unhitch. Also if it matters to you they are made in Communist China.

If you want a QUALITY hitch look at B&W. Simple solid and no question if you are hitched plus 100% US Made.

02-07-2022, 10:09 PM
I love these posts!!!

I wasn't going to say it....

02-07-2022, 10:22 PM
I wasn't going to say it....

I felt a little ornery. ;)

02-08-2022, 01:33 PM
Well, I'll throw some sugar on the cereal! How about a Recon. Lightweight, comes apart into 3 sections so very, very easy to remove and store. Sturdy, never had a hint of problems with it. Of course, it's NOT got air bags, slides or all the stuff that jacks up the price, but it's sold, stable, and strong. Best of all, it's horribly simple!

I needed something I could easily remove from the truck bed myself, without help. This one fit the bill perfect.