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08-01-2021, 04:53 PM
Hello all,

I just recently purchased a 2000 McKenzie Medallion 36RLT from a friend of mine and will be towing it from Yuma Az. to Wasilla Ak. in late Aug., I will be purchasing a used 3500 DRW truck to do so as well.

I will be posting a few questions and look forward to hearing back from you all.


Tony F.

08-01-2021, 06:47 PM
Let’s talk about the tires on this beast.

08-01-2021, 10:37 PM
Letís talk about the tires on this beast.

good point

08-02-2021, 06:28 AM
I'd like to have you tell us the brand tire, size, and the date of manufacture. The date will be found on the back side of the tire, it will be a four digit number, probably surrounded by an oval. You'll have to look hard. The first two digits are the week built and the second two numbers are the years built. I.E., 2614 would mean the 26th week of 2014. While under there, check all four tires AND the spare.
After the tires we can discuss the brakes and bearings.

08-09-2021, 04:10 PM
Made that trip about 15 years ago. Great trip but you are starting a little late. We had a great experience ant the road was fine. Plenty of stopping places although the Yukon is a bit lonely. Have a good trip.

08-13-2021, 11:29 AM
good point

According to your tire load placard it's pretty safe to say that your trailer's vehicle certified axles have 6000# GAWR, each.

The OE tire size - ST235/85R16 LRE will provide about 22% in load capacity reserves at 80 PSI. Brand selection is a personal choice.

Check your current tires date codes on the tire sidewalls. If they are more than 3 years old, I'd change them just because I wouldn’t know their maintenance and usage history.

Tire date code: 43 is the week of the year made and 09 = 2009.