View Full Version : Which 5th wheel? Advice?

06-15-2021, 02:41 PM
I've been pulling heavy trailers with pickups for 35+ yrs so good friend is asking my advice on his son's 5er. Son bought 5er already set up at rv park. He'd planned to live in for a couple of years; BUT, being deployed (Guard helo pilot) over seas for 400 days. Son is planning to travel for 30 days before deployment than store 5er at grandma's farm-hopefully under cover I told them.

2017 VanLeigh Villanova 325RL- 12,500 lbs empty wt.
Hitch=Lippert Components Trailair Rota-Flex

Opinions regarding 5th wheel for truck. Also, is there such a thing as a rental/lease truck he can rent for a month to travel versus buying and storing truck. He may have to buy a 1 ton and have dad resell or ???

Jack 303-356-7767

06-15-2021, 05:27 PM
Jack, here's a place to start for him:

06-16-2021, 11:42 AM
Thanks Jim, his dad is trying to convince him to have it hauled to grandma's and not buy a truck until he gets back. Good advice I think with the higher than normal prices for trucks right now.