View Full Version : Electric Awning works only with remote

06-08-2021, 11:51 AM
2015 Cougar 328RES 5ther. Recently I replaced the awning motor. Works fine with the remote, not with the control panel switch. Checked fuses, all appear OK. Are there any "hidden" (dedicated) fuses?

06-14-2021, 08:33 PM
We just had a problem with ours but it wouldn't work with remote or control panel. Turned out it wasn't the motor. It was a loose connection. Follow the wiring.

06-15-2021, 11:26 AM
Again, ours works with the remote, yet, where do you follow the wiring, seeing it does work with the remote?

06-22-2021, 08:26 PM
If the awning works properly with the remote, but not with the panel, I'd start looking at the panel.

I'm not an electrician, although I've done my share of electrical work. The remote sends a coded radio signal to a receiver that decodes it and sends the proper voltage to some control device. The control panel skips the coding and decoding parts and substitutes your brain and fingers for that part. You push a "extend" button and the awning extends. You push the "retract" button and it retracts.

Try a few simple tests. They may help you figure out just where the problem might be. Assuming that your awning can be stopped before full extension, try extending it with the remote and stopping it with the panel. See if that works. If so, try retracting with the panel. Then extend the awning all the way with the remote. Retract it with the remote and try to stop it with the panel.

If the "STOP" button on the panel works when either extending or retracting you know that at least part of the panel works. If you can't get the awning to do anything from the panel I'd start by checking all connections there. If all are good I'd contact the manufacturer and see what they say to try. Many new devices use soft touch switches mounted on a flexible circuit board. In order to be able to use smaller print on the labels they will use relays that handle the higher current of the device which are controlled by small (thin) wire in the control panel.

The heavy current is carried in heavy wires that run from the power source to the relay and thence to the motor. The relay is simply a remote-controlled switch. It gets instructions via the small wires that run from the control panel to the relay. When you push "Extend" on the pad you send a low current signal to the relay telling it to close the circuit to the motor. That lets the high current wire pass current from the battery to the motor.

Hope this helps.