View Full Version : Replacing axles

04-21-2021, 06:08 AM
Replacing both lippert 4400# axles with dexter 5200#. I bent the back axel my fault (weight). Prior to this in the first 3 years of new purchase I spun several bearings did scar spindles. So upgrading also adding one crossmember in center and wet bolt kit. Jayco eagle FW. Is there anything Iím missing it has CRE3000 on it in good shape. Iím doing the work myself kicking around different ideas of doing one axel at a time so the entire thing isnít off the ground or should I do both at once have it all on blocks. Also is there a need to pay to have the alignment checked. Thank you all

04-24-2021, 03:03 PM
You can somewhat check the alignment yourself--Select a solid point at front center of trailer, then measure to axle each side to be sure that measurement is same. That would square the axle locations with the frame. One at a time, or both--don't have a clue on that. After all is done, would be worth an alignment check before traveling far--one ruined tire can almost pay for an alignment.