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10-22-2006, 11:55 AM
Does anyone know of a way to find someone to come check out our tripod setup? We have phone support through Maxwell Satellite, but they can't seem to help us. We have changed out the Arm, all of the cableing & connections. We also have moved the dish multiple times. But can't seem to lock on the signal.

We have upgraded the modem to the HN7000S, but without a lock on the satellite, we can't get it up & running, either. :cry:

Would like to find a traveling RV'er installer, but have skimmed through Datastorm users forum & can't seem to find a source on how to locate anyone there either.

And another question. Does anyone know how to become certified as a technician? We could go though Maxwell for a hands on training course, but we would need to go to them in AZ for that.

10-22-2006, 04:30 PM
From the Datastormusers web site here is the location of 2 dealers now in the GA area.

If you go to http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/RVInternetBySatellite/
and post your problems you will get a lot of help from installers and users.

Be ready to post what satellite you are on along with a detailed description of what you have done.
If I remember right there is a installer on the Mobile Suit Forum here too. If I was closer I would swing by and try to help you out myself.

You didn't say if the dish was locked before you started your upgrade to the HN7k modem.
If you cam also download the DSSatTool and DSlookangle from the article section http://www.datastormusers.com/downloads.cfm

If you did not complete your upgrade keep your SAN and PIN numbers and start the registration program from the beginning at

If I can be of further help IM me.

10-22-2006, 05:50 PM
Thanks Rick, appreciate the links.

Finally, though with more persistance, I'm on again. It took a RV neighbor fellow stopping in as he was driving by & two more phone calls to Margo at Maxwell, to get running on the new modem. :D

It's never been such a problem before. We've been off Hughes since mid-July & put account in suspension for nearly 2 mos. I think it was partly the transition between Direcway & Hughes.net. Knock on wood, we're all updated & good to go until we move again.

Vickie & David

10-22-2006, 07:09 PM
That's great, Hope the worse of all your problems are behind you.
When I upgraded to the 7K modem I also picked up some on the signal strength. So far we are happy with the new modem.

10-24-2006, 10:56 AM
The 7k does seem to be much faster. Plus once we figured out the problem of locking onto satellite, it wasn't hard to do the upgrade.

It's much better than getting knocked off David's Verizon on his work laptop. He's got it back in his job trailer & now he's complaining it moves too slow. :cry: