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12-28-2020, 11:18 PM
Hello. First off like to say Iím thankful for the chance to be on here, second id like to say thank you to anyone in advance for the help it is much appreciated... i will be living on an acre off grid with no electric or water supply. I purchased a 1991 Skyline Alijo Aries a few months ago. I purchased a 12v 100ah deep cycle agm battery & the predator 3500 inverter. I donít plan on using anything besides the furnace to keep warm during winter and the stove to cook food as well as sink / shower / bathroom. I will be using candles for lights and was considering using a propane heater vent free instead of the furnace to save electricity. Thankful for any recommendations or tips. I hope to build a home in the future.
I have a lot of questions and any help is much appreciated
What is the most effective way to only run the furnace for heat during winter?( No lights, no fridge)
Second to that what is the most energy effective way to take a hot shower/ use the restroom?
How do I make sure no extra electricity is being used?
Does the toilet / Shower use electricity?
How to clean shower and toilet / tanks?
How to tell if my Generator running at full capacity?
How do I patch air holes near the windows?
Any suggestions for extra items to add for indoor or outdoor use?
How do I know the level of the battery charge?
Cheap truck to tow 5th wheel?

Bathroom system / Shower system how to maintain and clean / how to tell if itís running properly

Where does the energy to use heat come from? (Propane or battery??) can I run furnace without the generator on?

How do I turn off all power besides the furnace,bathroom,showerstove, & sink?

Recommend solar?

How to clean out black/grey water tanks and also fresh water tank?

12-30-2020, 09:27 AM
Matt, you tell us you're a glass blower, but not where this adventure is to take place. You could be in south Florida or north of Ontario (in which case you're in deep trouble).
First and foremost you will need a means by which to remove the waste from your black tank. You can deal with the grey tank issues later. Black cannot be just dumped out on the ground.
And let the candle idea die a peaceful death (rather than you) and change out bulbs to LED just to start.

01-04-2021, 05:30 PM
I totally agree with Jim don't use the candles!! So how are you going to live with out water? You also said you would be cooking but didn't say anything about the frig?
Also we need a idea of where your at.
Need more info to give you good feedback.