View Full Version : Ford F250 TREMOR towing question

08-05-2020, 11:02 AM
Hey all, I would really love some guidance here. I've asked a hundred different people and dealers and have gotten a hundred different answers. Like "that truck can tow ANYTHING" But I want to be safe for my family and everyone else on the road.

We're looking to trade up our newly purchased 34' travel trailer for a 5th wheel. I also recently purchased a 2020 F250 Tremor 6,7l diesel that also has the High capacity tow package. I'm trying to determine what factors are safe in the size of a 5th wheel, be it a toy hauler or bunkhouse.

I've gotten its the truck's payload (mine is 2,816 lb cargo door sticker in yellow), I've read that its only the pin weight and the trucks GVWR and Rear
GAWR (my GVWR is 10,800 and Rear GAWR 6,340lbs)

I'm also confused by the Ford towing guide, it gives this truck a GCWR of 30,000 lbs, you scroll over to mine (4x4 Crew Cab short box 6.75' and looks like the tremor drops to 18,100) but there is also a 1 next to the 30,000 for if you have the high capacity tow package. So what supersedes

I would love to get a toy hauler, and have found one dry at 15,500 lbs and a pin weight of 3395.

Thanks for any help here.