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07-28-2020, 10:24 AM
Good afternoon I have recently purchased a 2007 Keystone Cougar 289BHS. I am new to the world of RVs. With this in mind me and my wife are going to be living in the Rv full time. We do not plan on moving the rv for awhile since we have nothing big enough to pull it with. The RV is a 50 amp with a single ac at the moment I am planning on adding a second to help cool the rv. We are needing extra fridge and freezer space which we are planning on running a 4.5 cubic ft in the area where the bunk beds are and 5.3 cubic ft deep freezer that will sit out side. We also want to use a portable washer. The only other electronics that will be used is normal stuff that would be used for entertainment. With all of this information for what I am drawing for power. Will I need to do anything special to prevent electrical damage to anything in the rv? Also what are some tips that I should look for or do while living in the rv? Thank you anything is appreciated

07-28-2020, 12:55 PM
What climates will the rv be in while your parked, that will give us some idea on power consumption.

07-28-2020, 01:54 PM
What climates will the rv be in while your parked, that will give us some idea on power consumption. The rv will be in a hot climate during the summer some times up to 110 and in the winter as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit

07-28-2020, 07:49 PM
Dude, let's be frank. The AC you have is a 13.5 made 15 years ago. It is not up to standards by any means. Buy two 15 K and install them. No, NOT 13.5.
You are up against serious heat and you will thank me for the advice.
On to another subject. Your 50 amp service will handle 12,000 watts of utilities. WAY more than the 3600 watts of a 30 amp service. No sweat on your system handling the load.
But do NOT have any faith in the existing AC unit.

07-28-2020, 09:07 PM
Notanlines is 100% correct, your 50 amp service will keep you out of trouble, and upgrading the a/c's will make your life a lot better. Might even require one if not both to have heat pumps for the cooler temps your going to be living in. Save some propane costs

08-03-2020, 05:23 PM
One thing to check is there a 110 plug or wiring up by the roof vent in your bedroom? Being that age it might not be wired for a second A/C unit. Also the deep-freeze sitting out side in 110 temperatures is going to be working very hard.
I know living in the desert for 50+ years. Your out side plug is going to be a ground fault not sure that would be a good power source for the freezer. Take a look at you converter does it have any open breaker spots to run power from?

08-04-2020, 12:39 AM
Be sure you purchase a good POWER SURGE PROTECTOR.