View Full Version : Good luck with mobil RV mechanic in Colo

05-29-2020, 08:40 AM
Pulled wheels to repack wheel bearings and as some of the "smart" people on this forum have mentioned- do not use "grease buddy" as excess grease works it's way onto brakes. Unfortunately; I read this after doing it. Sure, enough, two out of four brakes had slight grease film on brakes and magnet. Now I'm in a bigger project than I want to take on so I called an RV mechanic I know that had previously installed a new shower when our shower floor cracked and leaked-originally very little support= fixed that...

Travis George 720-212-5930; Denver, CO came out and was VERY thorough. We worked together to speed up the task of replacing all four brake backing plates, hub, and new bearings/seals. Travis did another good job and his real specialty is electrical. BTW, he spent many years working for a dealership. Slightly less than $1,000 and we have all new brakes/bearings. Charged me $100/hr plus travel. Make sure you decide on payment method before starting work. He does not do CC.

Just wanted to plug a good (for me) RV mechanic in Denver area.

05-29-2020, 12:27 PM
To those of you with LED trailer lights and a late model truck, this is the adapter commonly used to alleviate your problem: