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Joe P.
02-01-2020, 02:46 PM
what are your thoughts on extended warranties, good or bad? I know there are a lot of variables involved. just looking for the pro`s and con`s

02-03-2020, 09:56 PM
Couple of my thoughts---what is the single highest cost a breakdown could be with your unit? How bad would it hurt your economic situation?

Then, how good does the warranty company back its claim payment? Do they try to make good, or try to 'fine print' their way out of paying? Search internet for reviews on any particular company.

Across the board, I seem to hear/read that Wholesale Warranty company takes care of the client best. Also, if you opt to get one, be sure it is an 'exclusionary' one that states what is NOT covered, thus most everything else is. An 'inclusionary' policy states ONLY what is covered, and thus nothing else is. Check for if it pays is an non-covered part causes a covered part to fail, is that covered? Called Consequential Damages clause.

Many opt to place the cost of the policy in a bank account and add to it monthly, thus building an amount to cover a breakdown.

The more costly the unit, the more technology, the more the cost will be to fix...

02-10-2020, 04:52 PM
I am on my 4th trailer I bought new. I would never get one without an extended warrantee. It has paid for itself on every unit. The cons are some companies are very difficult to work with and hard to get payment from. Also, they do their best to drag out time before approval of payment so if you are a fulltimer you are forced to live with a problem for much longer than you should have to. I try to get repair/replacement approval before I stop to get work done so the process goes faster, but this is not always possible.