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11-14-2019, 03:34 PM
Our RV has 2 6-volt batteries and they are approaching three years old. We have seen no sign of trouble, but I'm curious what others here recommend or what their 'go to' brand is. We never boondock, we do have a built-in generator, but the RV sometimes sits for many weeks until time to leave again. All I do is disconnect the ground cable and reconnect when leaving.

11-15-2019, 10:02 PM
Trojan has been a go-to 6volt supplier for many years. I would suggest sealed units unless you never have corrosion issues. 3-years is good use, are the current ones the factory ones? If so, they are said to be unbranded Trojans, but no way to verify that. NAPA has deep cycle 6volts that look identical to a Trojan. Or, you can upgrade to Lifeline AGMs, but pricier.

11-16-2019, 07:58 AM
I used Interstate for all my vehices when it was time to replace. I always seemed to have good luck with them and there was a lot of locations that sold them should I ever had a warrenty issue. Don't recall ever having one fail? but I'm old now and can't remember like I used to. (Big Grin)

11-16-2019, 08:25 AM
Yes, they are the original batteries, from the factory, and no markings nor are there any dates of manufacture on them. I guess I'll go shopping in Florida in a couple weeks and see what comes of it. Many thanks....

11-25-2019, 06:56 PM
Trojan T-105's are the standard for wet cell 6V batteries. You'll need to keep an eye on the level of fluid in the cells, but these Trojan's have been doing the job well for most every application requiring a deep cycle application. I'm guessing a pair of T-105's will cost around $370.

If you want to spend a little more and go with a maintenance-free battery, consider an AGM battery. Trojan makes those also.

11-25-2019, 06:57 PM
Wow mine are going on to 8 years and not a problem yet. they are some no name brand so i will possibly be changing them out soon.