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11-08-2019, 11:41 AM
Hello. Just want to say hi and I have a question. I have a 1998 36 National Seabreeze 5th wheel. There is a switch in the kitchen that when turned on, a little red light comes on. Does anyone know what this switch goes to?

11-08-2019, 12:01 PM
In a newer year model, the gas side of the water heater has an LED that stays lit til the heater fires up. Also could be a water pump control. Anything happen when turned on? Does it stay lit? Have you tried water pump with the light on/off? Most times, the small light would indicate whatever it controls is "on"...

11-09-2019, 11:08 AM
Thank you for responding to my question. The switch isn’t for the pump because the pump switch is also in the kitchen. The switch with the red light is also next to a brown switch which I don’t know what that one is for either because I already use the water pump switch that’s in the kitchen. If I new how to send a picture of it I would but can’t figure how to do that

11-09-2019, 11:19 AM
Pic probably won't help--you already know the switch to turn the water pump on? Does it have a red light next to it also? Sorry to be not much help, unfamiliar with your model unit. Is your water heater both electric and gas?

11-09-2019, 03:13 PM
My water heater is both electric and gas.

11-09-2019, 10:10 PM
Generally, the gas side of the water heater, if it is a DSI (DirectSparkIgnition) model, will have a red light on until it fires and stays on.
Otherwise, a red light next to a switch usually indicates power is going to...somewhere?
Wish I could be more help.