View Full Version : Water leak ONLY when using the pumpů..

Scott N.
08-05-2019, 05:51 PM
2006 Keystone Montana Mountaineer: I have a sporadic leak (big leak) when I turn on the water pump. Water is escaping out of the back of the unit spilling on the ground. I was on the road at the time so I could not do anything until the next day. I thought I had a broken or disconnected pipe. The pump itself and all the plumbing under the fridge are all dry. I peeled of the underbelly (pain in the butt) at the back of the unit and could not see any broken or loose connections. I went inside and turned on the pump and everything was fine, no leak and the pump only ran when a faucet was on, like is supposed to. I put everything back together. A few days later, it happened again. I did not use the pump again during the trip. When using city water everything is fine, no leaks. I got home and now the pump works fine again, no leaks. Is there a pressure relief valve on this unit (besides the water heater) that may be going off intermittently? That is the only thing I can think of.