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08-01-2019, 02:20 PM
Hi my name is Sal. My wife and I have been full timers for almost 13 years. We love the the life style. Sometimes working on the RV can be challenging. We have a 2017 DRV. We bought it new. This is our second rig. Our first one was a Carrage. I do miss that rig. Not sure what I think about DRV. It looks nice I like the residential refrigerator and the 55"tv and don't forget the dishwasher lol. But it seem like something is always is needing to be repaired. Just a minor thing, the latches on the cabinets need to be replaced. Not a big deal but there's a lot of them. I am enjoying this forum and look forward to reading it. See you down the road!!

08-04-2019, 12:41 AM
Welcome to the forum. I am on my 2nd DRV--'05 and now '15--and the latches are a pain. I have found some help on this from others: first, if you place a small flat washer under each screw, it will distribute the pressure and may not break; second, there is a more robust hook part (part on cab door) that won't break later, can be bought hook only and it fits the latch. Have never broken one after using the larger hook--it is usually listed as a 10lb pull instead of the OEM 5lb pull.
You will need to seriously check the caulking on the bedroom slides across the bottom face plate--water will get in and rot the floor. Also can happen on the large slides...big deal, lots of chatter on several other forums.