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08-07-2006, 07:41 PM
We will be leaving Wi. Aug. 16 this year. We have no plans to come back next summer.
Going South thru Il./In./Ky./Tenn./Ar./Ok./Tx./N.M./Ar./to Ca. we plan to be in Casa Grande,Az. for Thanksgiving with friends from Ca. This trip should take about 100 days.
All of these states have our membership camp grounds so all these night stays cost us nothing all the way to Ca.

More to come during our trip.

Larry & Kathy plus Meeko

08-07-2006, 08:32 PM
Larry and Kathy,

Sounds like a great trip you are planning. Hope your travels are safe and uneventful other than fun. Can't wait to retire next March and start our life on the road.

Bryan and Lee Anne

08-08-2006, 09:14 AM
I agree with Bryan. The membership CG's don't seem to be a hinderance to your enjoying your travels. 8)
Sounds better than "we're hitting Rest areas & Walmarts along the way." Enjoy & have a safe trip.


09-04-2006, 04:09 PM
We are in Clinton,In. the Covered Bridge Heartland.
The oldest one we saw was Cooks Bridge 1855-56 original build date.
The longest was Mansfield Bridge 247ft. build date 1867
There are about 39 bridges in In. some are original site and some have been moved to new site. there are a few you can drive thru if under 6,000lbs GVWR, I am not the light had to walk thru most but no all.

Larry & Kathy plus Meeko

10-04-2006, 09:55 PM
Our next stop was in Wimignton, Ohio,Clinton County.
About 45 miles north east of Cincinnati,Ohio.
Nice park with about 125 full hoockup sites, plus all the other amenities.
Casar Creek State Park and Aviation Museum where chose by.
Our next stop is in TN.
More to come

Larry Kathy Plus Meeko

10-09-2006, 10:49 PM
We are now in Natchez Trace,Tn. Camp Ground it is 1/2 mile off Natchez Trace HWY starts just south of Nachville,Tn. to Natchez,Mississippi
About 43 miles. The road was started in 1800. There are maney sections of the Old Trace Rd. Still there to see and a few parts your can drive on. A very beautifull drive, We have driven as far as the Mississippi border then turned west several years ago. There are about 300 Park Way sites to see to learn about this 200 years old road.
Our camp ground has 127 full-hookup sites and 380 power & water sites
Spread over 500 acres of forest with 5 clearings for rv sites. And a lake which connects all of all 5 rv site clearings. It is about 15 to 20 min. ride from the front gate to the last rv site clearing with one or two short 6% grades to climb between the site clearings.
Our next stop is in Allabama to see old friends who moved from Ca. 10 years ago. We retired out of Ca. in 2000.

Larry & Kathy plus Meeko

10-18-2006, 11:11 PM
We are in Shawnee,OK at a Good Sam SamBoree. FHU for $13 a night.
400 rigs showed up. Seminars every day,comerical venders and several hundred door prizes each day. This is a very old town but has all the new stores on both sides of I-40 about 40 miles east of OK city.
Our next stop with the internet is, Lakewood,N.M. the south east corner of the state. Escapees (The Ranch) annual Western Roundup. Will be there on Oct. 25,06. After this the rest of the way to Cal. in our membership camp grounds.

Larry & Kathy plus Meeko

10-28-2006, 11:58 PM
We leave Lakewood,N.M. on Monday, next stop is in Deming,N.M. and Columbus,N.M. which is about 1 mile from Mexico border.
D-Squar is in Columbus and does work on 5er's and MDT,HTD trucks they have a few FHU's with 50amp.
Then is onto Az.,Ca. for the winter in our membership camp grounds.
It has been nice having large fuel tanks on our MDT fuel stops.
Oak Creak,Wi./Indianapolis,IN./Franklin,Ky./West Memphis,Ten./Ok.City,Ok./Anthony,Tx./Eloy,Az./Thousnad Palms,Ca. all are Flying J stations. The average mileage between these stops is 450 to 650 miles.
Tell next time

Larry & Kathy plus Meeko

11-08-2006, 01:14 AM
We are now in Casa Grande,Az. at Desert Pools Wester Horizon membership C.G. for 3 weeks. Very nice 30 & 50amp good gravel concrete 24ft. patios 360 sites.
70 miles west of Tucson and 50 miles east of Phoenix,Az.
With lots of places to travel to and see the sights.
Next stop will put us in Ca. for the rest of the winter.
Till next time.

Larry & Kathy plus Meeko

11-30-2006, 12:53 AM
We are now in Desert Hot Spring,Ca. Western Horizon camp ground.
They have 3 natural mineral wells spas with 3 deferent temps. 142F/127f/105f.
Near Palm Spring,Ca. where you can spend days or weeks site seeing.
The second week in Dec. we will be in Menifee,Ca. at a Thousand Trails membership park.

Larry & Kathy plus Meeko

04-01-2008, 01:42 AM
It has been over a year since I post on this subject. We were in Ca. by Dec. 06 and have not left, in fact I started working in a membership camp ground in Riverside County,Ca. in June,07 and we are still there because my son and his family (two grandsons) moved to Merrieta,Ca. just 10 miles form I am working in. So we have stopped traveling for now, and spending a lot of time with the grandsons, the first one was born one year before we started fulltime and the second one turned 3 in Sept,07. I only work 16hr. a week for FHU included in site. Happy travels to all!

Larry & Kathy plus Meeko who loves the 32deg. temp