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07-12-2019, 12:31 AM
Hey guys, couple questions for those who know more than I.


Are you covered by insurance if towing over maximum length in a jurisdiction? For example, it's 23m in Saskatchewan (5th wheel plus boat) but only 20 m (65.6 feet) in Alberta. So I'd be good in one place, but not the other. I know guys do it all the time (I know a 1/2 dozen personally who do), but I just don't want to get in an accident and have my insurance voided because I was towing over max length. Will insurance still cover me?

In order to meet max length requirements (if the answer to the above question is what I think it is), I need to get a shorter 5th wheel. I need one that is less than 29 feet TOTAL length. Not hitch/king pin to bumper. Total length. So probably less than 27 from pin to back bumper. It needs to have the tall front where the wife and I sleep (if she can't stand up there, she's not sleeping in it), and it needs to have jack and jill bunks or triple/quad bunks. And it needs to be $15,000 CDN or less. (Call it $11500 US or less).

If you could recommend an online filter that would sort through or narrow down models to what I need, that would be great. Otherwise, if you know a few models that meet those requirements, please let me know. I know with that price I'd be looking at roughly 9-14 years old 5th wheels. That's fine, provided they exist!



07-12-2019, 07:50 PM
First, how would they know you were towing overlength--are you thinking about being involved in an accident? Insurance is not 'voided' because of stupidity, they would handle your liability, but might not renew it.

As to the specs you have listed, don't think I have ever seen one that would meet all of them. Shorter fivers tend not to have standing room in the bedroom...

Might look over RVTrader.com for some listings/PPLMotorhomes.com also, to see if anything is out there.

And, welcome to the forum.

07-15-2019, 07:22 AM
Best, I believe you are putting today's sunshine behind tomorrow's clouds! How many times have you seen an RV'er being measured? Stick with what you've got and enjoy it.

07-22-2019, 04:12 PM
I winter with a guy from Canada and part of his job is truck and trailer lengths. He said in 10 years he has not measured a residential combo, just commercial. May or may not be true of all of those guys but guessing it probably is other than an occasional gung ho type with too much time on his hands. He is in Manitoba but also covers part of Saskatchewan.