View Full Version : 2006 HDT Rally

08-02-2006, 01:04 PM
The 3rd annual "national" HDT rally will be held in Wichita Kansas at the Blasi Campground on Oct. 1st through the 7th. If you are interested in learning about these critters feel free to contact the rally folks through www. escapees.com at the HDT forum. You do NOT have to be an owner of an HDT or even an MDT to be involved. It's a fun time and lots to learn while the rally is there. There will be quite a few HDT's there to see and lots of folks happy to answer questions, and maybe let you see what they are like.

09-22-2006, 10:09 AM
Just a reminder that the rally is starting on October 1'st. We have better than 50 rigs expected with a full week of activities and seminars. Non HDT folks are welcome to see and learn about these tow vehicles and how easy it is to safely tow the biggest 5th wheels made.

10-07-2006, 06:01 PM
We just finished up the Rally. We had 46 HDT rigs and several non hdt's to include an MDT. The rally had everything from seminars, to truck maintenance exams (with a VIS check) and other scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance. We also had an opportunity to visit a B29 undergoing restoration, visit the Cessna aircraft manufacturing plant, fly in a WW2 Stearman trainer, get driving training from the professional drivers training staff at Wichita Area Technical College, visit the Exploration Place museum, eat WAY too many meals, have a driving contest with a heavy duty truck and 5th wheel trailer provided for us, go to the audience participation Melodrama and finish up with a catered steak BBQ dinner / pot luck and presentation of awards.

None of the above includes the friendship and "campfire" sessions we had at night after dinner.

Not bad for an about $250.00 rally fee and this was all week long starting on Sunday night and going until Friday night. Now I have to go rest up from all the activities......