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01-04-2019, 12:13 AM
We see people posting statements when they either go from an 150/1500 to a 250/2500. We also see it when many step up from a 250/2500 to a 350/3500 DRW.

Well seeing how I didn't trade my old TV on the new, I had it for a little side by side comparison

So first from the front, yep the hood is a bit taller, maybe a tic wider feels about the same width.

https://i.imgur.com/hUEEpRd.jpg width=640

Now a side view at the front,like I said above I think the hood is just a tad taller, maybe an inch.

https://i.imgur.com/z5Mw9bd.jpg width=640

Next length and a bit of height, the length looks to be about 18" maybe a bit less. The height is 1" taller for the 2016 based on measurements at the Tailgate.

https://i.imgur.com/EyUB1tD.jpg width=640

Yep the new DRW has a sweet set of Hips! Sure is wider than the 2001, but still easily fits in a standard highway lane.

https://i.imgur.com/5d9lSOM.jpg width=640

Now rear to rear I see hardly and difference, other than with the 2016 the rear tire looks closer to the rear. That should make towing smoother.

https://i.imgur.com/YMnhwJD.jpg width=640

So all in all the new 2016, is just a tad bit larger than our current 2001, the part that really amazed me was the height at the Tailgate is within an INCH of the same height.

I will say the cab feels much larger than the 2001, maybe it is the bucket seats and very nice console between the driver and passenger.
So from now on I will take with a grain of salt statements like "It is just too big to drive in the city" or "It is too big to be a daily driver"

Yes I will be aware of the hips for a bit, but then they will be second nature.

01-04-2019, 10:18 AM
Really nice looking truck. It does look a lot more "hip"!!