View Full Version : Noisy water pump

01-03-2019, 07:35 PM
I read a lot of suggestions on making the water pump quieter. I want to reduce the noise but in reality don’t think eliminating it is possible. Any rubber, or other substance, mounts that work? As a “homemade remedey” I thought of using 2 strips or bicycle inner tubing between the screw holes under the pumps feet might absorb some of the vibration noise.
Your thoughts please.

01-04-2019, 12:38 AM
All the pumps will hum--isolating them from the mounting board is the first solution. Rubber feet/grommets/any type of soft padding. Are you sure it is the pump itself, or a water line touching a wall? Normally, we barely hear ours, but every now and then, it rattles some, then stops.

01-04-2019, 02:29 AM
I’m behind the wall where the pump, furnace, etc is located. I’ll turn it on and see what happens. It very noisy! I’d like to at least reduce the level of noise. I’ll try the tire tubing and see if that helps. If not I’ll mount it on a board and use springs to absorb some of the vibration. What do you think!

01-04-2019, 10:41 AM
It should already be isolated by rubber feet—perhaps they have hardened and no longer absorb movement.