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12-09-2018, 06:21 PM
second stage of electric steps on my 2016 DRV Mobile Suites will not go down? Any suggestions for repair?

12-10-2018, 11:49 AM
Welcome to the forum.
Sorry, not familiar with the electric, only had the manual ones. Hopefully, someone with experience will chime in.
Other forums for DRVs: SOITC, Thor/DRV, DRVOwnerGroup--DOG on Facebook.
Somewhere on these sources you will get some feedback/help.

But, is it an electrical problem, or mechanical one--is the motor running and stopping at some point? Can you move the steps manually outward? Are there gears that aren't meshing?

There may be some help to be found here:

12-10-2018, 05:05 PM
Iím going to guess by your post that the first part of the steps will extend but not the second. After living with this issue I finally discover that the cause is a failure of the actuators that pull the levers to release the second set of steps. You maybe could get the actuators replaced, but the immediate fix is simple. When the first steps are extending manually reach around both sides and unhook the levers that lock the steps in place, this will allow the steps to continue to deploy. When they are completely down you have to lift the bottom of the steps to engage the levers. Also some WD40 on the levers will help. Crawl under the steps with a flashlight before you try this and you will see how the mechanism is supposed to work.

12-15-2018, 10:37 AM
Whether my steps are operated or not I have to spray about three places every 3 months.
The worm drive (back side near top) and 2 side releases (Between upper and lower sections). That was the Factory solution plus using a Dry Lubricant. WD-40 is oily and attracts dust so the quick fix doesn't last as long.
My steps came down traveling through Nashville. I heard the noise before seeing the sparks from grinding on 1 of 5 lanes of concrete. I pulled to the right shoulder (About 12 feet of concrete shoulder against a high concrete wall) I was able to get the step up and tried in place.

Now I always do a pull test to see if everything is latched up.
Clay 2016 MS 38PS3 #8120