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11-19-2018, 11:50 PM
so the motor on my slide out had seen better days.... mice or something had gotten to the wiring. but when i go to use the manual crank for the slide out, only the side closest to the bumper moves out. I feel if something broke or is wrong with the linkage between both jacks or presses that the manual crank operates. Its a 1985 carriage Conestoga, but so find where they come together do i need to keep taring out the under skirt to try and see whats visible? i took of some trim and parts to get that far and figured id better do some more homework and try and find any schematics or etc. but cant even find an owners manual or anything online! any ideas or thoughts? any help would be much appreciated!!


11-20-2018, 01:31 PM
No clue exactly on yours, but a lot of slides have the actuating motor/mechanism on one side and a long metal tube/bar going to the other slide. One side (motor) is the leader, the other side is the follower--the motor turns the gears on the one side and the tube/bar moves the other side. A shear bolt is usually in play to make the tube turn with the motor shaft--if sheared/broken, the follower side won't move. Can figure this out by opening the belly cover in line with the slide arm back far enough to view the motor/gears.
Best I can think of.
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