View Full Version : Issue with Reese 18k elite slider, maybe bolt loose.

10-20-2018, 09:00 PM
Just got a 5th wheel camper and since I had a short bed f250 I had the reese RE elite 5th wheel slider put in. i noticed when 2 bolts that were loose that had nylock nuts on them and wasnt 100% sure if they were suppose to be or not. I went over the manual and a bunch of videos online and never seen any info about them. They are on the bottom of the hitch, 1 on each side. They sit in a little channel and can move back and forward.. Here are some pictures.

10-20-2018, 09:43 PM
Don't know anything about that hitch, but when a bolt is in a slot, and is supposed to move back/forth, would defeat that purpose if tightened so it would not move. Now, if it is an adjustment bolt for positioning, then it should be tight when in proper position.
This is completely a guess on my part.

11-20-2018, 09:57 AM

Upper tight corner Talk to expert. Call them and maybe get your question answered.

11-20-2018, 04:46 PM
I checked by Reese Elite 18 and one of mine was
tight (drivers side) and the other was loose(passenger side).
I called the tech support in the link I sent earlier today. Was referred to another number. Told Kurt of your post and that mine was the same way. He said they should be loose. Their purpose is to act as a stop so the hitch would not slide off the rails. Wiggly but not tight,

Hope this helps and I’ll be loosing the tight one.

11-20-2018, 11:59 PM
This page is from an older installation manual when hitches were not oreassembled. Take s look at the right lower side. See caption.

11-29-2018, 02:15 PM
I loosened the tight bolt and what a difference when I slide the hitch. Did maintaince on it and with a little lube in the slide rail it moves easily.
Great question and pics from andrewglass25.