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10-15-2018, 09:51 PM
We are newbies... buying a 5th wheel and truck... does the 3500 Dually Chevy need a dealer install 5th wheel prep or can other people do it? We found a good deal on a truck, yet doesn't have that option, and salesman in South Florida didn't know exactly what we need.. I Need Help! Thoughts?


10-16-2018, 07:13 AM
Brian, if your Chevy didn't come with the puck system already in the bed of your 3500 then it is imperative that you have an RV dealership install what is needed for your hitch of choice. Personally I would have them install the factory puck system (available as after-market) This item is generally not done at Auto dealerships and IS done every day at normal RV dealerships.

10-16-2018, 08:20 AM
I turned down several new 450s that did not have the puck system from the factory--I would keep looking until I found a 3500 already equipped. Altho, a competent hitch installer can probably make it look factory.
Could not figure WHY Ford would not think someone buying a 450 would not be interested in towing, thus putting a puck system in every new one...

10-16-2018, 09:22 PM
Thanks... That's what I was thinking!

10-16-2018, 09:43 PM
Thank you!

10-22-2018, 04:15 PM
There is a lot to a towing package. I would not consider a truck that did not have a factory towing package unless the trailer was not anywhere close to the towing weight rating of the truck. The main difference in towing packages is enhanced water, fuel, egr and oil cooling.

Regarding the sales weasel; if he does not know what you need, I would take that as a clue. A clue to run from the place as fast as possible. RV sales weasels, many of which have never towed or spent a single night in an RV for that matter will tell an unsuspecting customer they can tow a fifth wheel trailer with a golf cart. The RV sales weasel is trying to sell a trailer. Some of them will say anything to get you signed. You need to pay VERY CLOSE attention to loading and carrying capacities if you intend to expect to have liability insurance if there is a problem on the road. And remember, there is nothing you can add to a truck that will change its factory designated GCWR capacity.

Happy hunting

10-22-2018, 06:33 PM
Thank you! Great points.