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10-08-2018, 09:01 PM
Hi Thank you for letting me join your forum.
I am a New RV owner a large 36' 5th wheel and this will be my first Long RV trip coming Nov 3rd and since my only 2 other RV trips have been within a 2 hour drive from my home, I have never had to stop for Gas while hooked-up and I am really nervous.
I plan on taking Mass Pike I-90 to Interstate 84 to Interstate 81 to Interstate 64 taking
route 395 around Richmond to connect with Interstate 95 to Florida before hitting Interstate 4 towards Orlando.
I know this has been traveled by 5th Wheels a million times, but I'm wondering if Anyone has bothered to write down Easy OFF/On Exits for Gas along the way, Yes, I have a Gas 2018 Chevy 2500HD WT with a 36 Gallon tank, so I figure I'll be stopping every 3 hours or so..I'm 68 a 100% disabled Vietnam Marine veteran and my brother my other driver is 70 a SeaBee Vietnam veteran, so that makes since.
Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to post. Oh ya, my fuel tank is on the drivers side, great when unhooked, but not so great with 5th wheel..

10-08-2018, 09:33 PM
Do you have iPad or iPhone to use GoogleMaps to look at station views for space to pull in? GasBuddy/GasGuru will locate good prices. A Next Exit book will tell you what is upcoming along your interstate routes and tell you if ok for large units.
Looking for terms like 'travel plaza' can help determine if they are big-rig friendly--haven't had to ever consider looking for gas, tho, and the large truck stops don't have gas in the truck lanes.
Good luck--thank you both for your service to keeping us safe.

10-09-2018, 01:35 PM
Thanks for the message and kind wishes.
I do have GasBuddy /Gas Guru as Apps on my phone..
but there are a few problems for me with Books, Apps etc
I have looked at samples and found that they don't include things that matter to me..i.e.
Is it Easy Off/Easy On Interstate...as I have found out while driving especially through Virginia is that signs on the Interstate may say Gas this Exit and show a few brands etc but then you get off and find its either a one way divided road that leads you a few miles away to Doom with No place for a 5th Wheel to fuel or to turn around etc...i have been peeved in my car in the past, now as you certainly can imagine hauling a 36' 5th wheel..LOL
a Big 2nd is part of my 19 approved veteran 520% disabilities is that I have No Voice...that's a big one, when I'm driving I can not communicate with my passenger etc...just Shutup and Drive...for however long I drive, and to make matters worse my older Brother Bill is the least tech savy person that ever existed, he barely answers a email every 60 days, has no idea what a smart phone or app can do, uses a flip phone...does not text etc...you get the picture...we might as while be Deaf and Dumb going down the highway...notice i use the word Dumb only in the technology sense of the word, I don't want to get 1000 troll messages calling me Hitlers son etc going forward LOL..One of my favorite things that I write out on my notepad when people ask me some stupid questions is
"No I'm not Deaf and Dumb, I'm just the Dumb part, unfortunately, I can still hear your sorry a$$"
Some laugh, others are offended, either way, it doesnt bother me because I can play the Deaf part also if needed...But I'm a Marine, so not for long...LOL

So Wingnut, I need to plan before I act, while on the road its too late for me to make a valid decision like most people can.
I certainly appreciate your reply but I'm hoping that someone out there has written down notes and are willing to share...
Thank You

10-09-2018, 04:56 PM
Roger, semper fi, brother! From a TOTAL Marine Corps family! 67-71 and 69-73. I simply cannot help you with any of the exits for fuel along your route, but I can remind you that 2 nice quality jerry cans will give you about 90 extra miles should your planned stop not work out the way you planned. Securely stored in the front of your truck bed, I don't see a problem. Luck to you, my friend.

10-10-2018, 03:29 PM
thanks Brenda and jim, 68 - 71 69/70 in Nam, 3/7 1st marines...i was a 0351...jack of all weapons mos, the original McGyvers of the Corps, Grunts.... Demolition, flame thrower, 106mm what ever they needed, my brother bill was a SeaBee Reserves and his untit was called up twice for Vietnam tours, i had to wait until he return from hos 2nd tour before i could go over, I guess the Sullivan rule from ww2..He helpped build Chu Lai airport and others...He was so lucky because they went over as a unit, all local guys, all became friends, one married into our family...they fed each others business's when they came home, no guy was further than 10 miles apart, all became quite successful in their busineeses..Me, i came home and never saw anyone of my unit again...Agent Orange got me thus the No voice thing, feeding tube to eat etc...it sucks but i can still standup, play golf, etc...always Vertical never lateral thats my goal.....LOL....Jerry Cans are too heavy for me filled with gas, but i have 2 - 2 1/2 gallon gs tanks that should give me 35 extra miles, i might buy a couple more, we'll see..again thanks for the reply...
Semper Fi forever my friends...

10-15-2018, 03:18 PM
Roger, semper fi, brother! From a TOTAL Marine Corps family! 67-71 and 69-73. I simply cannot help you with any of the exits for fuel along your route, but I can remind you that 2 nice quality jerry cans will give you about 90 extra miles should your planned stop not work out the way you planned. Securely stored in the front of your truck bed, I don't see a problem. Luck to you, my friend.

I like Notanlines suggestion a lot. We're gonna do that on this year's winter trip from NY to FL, but with diesel. Easier for us with diesel at the truck stops but so much more expensive.

And I like you're 91 route. i don't know why we suffered through 95 but no more, which will also be so much more cost-effective.

FYI, as we were coming home from Canada this year, GasBuddy lied to us about a truck diesel stop and by the time we recovered, we were on fumes. Wound up disconnecting the 5th wheel and going to a car place for diesel. While I would never PLAN on doing that, I was surprised how do-able it was. I guess after a few trips it gets to be second nature.

10-15-2018, 04:43 PM
Some Pilot/Flying J truck stops have RV lanes. Their prices are higher, but the in and outs are easier. If you are a Good Sam Member, you do get a discount.

We usually head down 181 and cut over by Richmond. A bit further, but less traffic.

10-15-2018, 07:46 PM
Thanks for the reply, RV lanes by Pilot are extremely rare to find and none of them fit into my stop schedule, there were only 2 on my entire route of I-84, I-81, I-64, I-95, I-4...I know Trucks are there main business of the Truck Stops, catering to them but the planners should have had to insight ito the RV industry and added just one gas spout to each lane,, No cars would ever want to wait behind a truck filling up 200 gallon tanks...but a Gas RV would rather wait his/her turn rather than attempt to squeeze into a car only gas area...I imagine most people with Rv's are Gas, with the cost of diesel pushers and Trucks Being an average of $25,000 + more than a regular gas truck and Diesel pusher Class A's out of sight that leaves 2/3 of Rv'ers with my exact problem, where do I go...No one thinks of that before buying so we are trapped without considerable planning. there is a Diesel pump at every regular gas station that i know of near i live, so why can't they have a Gas pump in every lane at Truck Stops...I know now that means new tanks etc, they aren't going to do it, but still they missed a really big market and it effects so many travelers...OK, I vented but it really upsets me that I have to leave on a trip with a lot of worry and doubt when I should just be getting ready to relax and enjoy the road.Enough said and nothing against you Elliot just I wouldn't have bought a RV if I knew this a head of time....I'm about to post my Day 1 plans after many hours looking at zoomed maps, Exits, Gas Stations etc if I'm wrong about being able to get at least 212 miles per tank in my 36 gallon tank, I am screwed...I will bring 2 to 4 extra 2 1/2 gallon gas jugs just in case...people suggested 5 gallon Jerry Tanks but 5 gallons of gas is to heavy for me to lift...thus the 2 1/2 gallon tanks..

10-15-2018, 09:23 PM
Boston to Kissimmee, Florida RV Trip Road Stops

Note to all, this is a PDF that I am working up for me and my Brother Bill.
With No Voice i must do up a plan so that he knows what, when, why and how things are happening while I'm driving since I can not just say something. ..There are pictures of every stop, Close up's of every Gas station that looks like it would work but I was unable to add them to this Post as I don't know how to add pictures within them..but at the bottom i give my email address and would be willing to send anyone the full PDF...I'm interested in finding flaws etc before leaving on Saturday Nov 3rd...it is not completed yet as it takes massive research, zooming into google maps, getting correct exits and miles between stops etc.

Note: We will try to stop around every 3 Hours and Switch out and gas up.

1st Stop after departing from Amherst, NH

I-84 Exit 6 Newburgh, NY

Enter this Address into WAZE - 1 Homewood Ave, Newburgh, NY Approx..200 miles 3 ½ Hours

Important Note: After this stop we should know if 200 miles is too much for the Trucks pulling AVA the RV...it is a 36 Gallon Gas tank. So I had planned this using 200 miles at getting approx 10 miles per gallon leaving us a 150 miles to play with.....I won’t adjust to go further because I think 3 hours is far enough for one of us to drive...I will do another plan with 2 hour stops But, more stops = more potential problems!

Gas Tank is on our Drivers Side...

At bottom of the Exit take Left, you’ll see Dunking Donuts which has a Shell Station that looks like it would work out OK for RV if we use the far right pump then circle around the building to leave….


This is option 2 at the same Exit 6 off of I-84; it has 2 problems, notice how tight the far right pump is because of the little island right next to it, then there isnt a open turn around the building but you have to pull out and hope there is enough room to clear the pumps before turning to the left to leave…


Second Stop: Exit 77 off of I-81 Route 39 Harrisburg, PA
Pilot Travel Center
Address for Waze GPS: 7961 Linglestown Rd Harrisburg, PA 17112
Approx 211.8 Miles - 3 1/2 Hours


This is option 2 for Exit 77, TA Harrisburg….
I’m trying to be considerate and thinking of your needs. We could pull into TA see if they offer GAS, most only offer Diesel, either fill up or just go around, cross Route 39 to McDonalds, there looks like plenty of room for the RV to wait until you grab something before either jumping back on I-81 or just continuing to the Pilot down the road for Gas..


Stop 3: Exit 173 off of I-95.
Approx: 212 miles 3 hours 12 minutes driving time.
Option 1
Address for Waze GPS: 1910 Julian A Allsbrook Hwy, Roanoke Rapids, NC
New Dixie Mart...I checked really close pictures on web, very easy for Truck with Rv, note Cracker Barrel is next door for Supper.


Stop 3 - Option 2 Right Across the Hwy...

Address for GPS: 1915 Julian R Allsbrook Hwy, Roanoke Rapids, NC

I think we should sleep over here tonight, we have been on the road around 10 or 11 hours and covered 650 miles about 100 miles less than half. There are 3 good options: 1: The Red Inn is located in the picture and has plenty of space to lock up the RV and Truck and get a room.. 2: Walmart Superstore is located behind the Red Inn and they might allow overnight parking thus no motel,I think a good night of rest is more important. 3: Directly across the street from Exxon is a Cracker Barrel, they might allow parking also for Rv’s, but if not I know you like to eat there….



Stop # 1 – Day 2: Exit 164 Route US 52 off of I-95 in Florence, SC
Approx 212 miles / 3 hours 14 minutes driving time.
Address for Waze GPS: Shell 1832 West Lucas Street, Florence, SC

Option 1: I really think this is our only option as it gives us plenty of room to gas up and either go around the building or in front of the building...the other options are a TA down the street and a Pilot J near it but if you look at the Exxon across the street in this picture there isn’t room to gas and turn around with No way out...which is similar to the TA and Pilot gas stations.


Stop # 2 - Day 2: Exit 87 I–95 Route 17 Richmond Hill, Ga.
Approx 194 miles / 2 hours 55 minutes driving time
Address for GPS: 400 Brisbon Road, Richmond Hill, Ga

To be continued:

If someday this helps One Single person besides myself I will be extremely happy.

Please feel free to email me at rogermack50@gmail.com if you would like to see the entire PDF with pictures etc, How I devised the plan, what websites i used for mileage between stops, Exits, Gas Stations, Pictures etc (4 different ones)
NOTE: NOT COMPLETED as of yet..but will be completed this week.

I'm looking for flaws etc in my plan.

One thing that would definitely sink me is that I can't get 212 miles out of my 36 gallon gas tank, I will have 2 to 4 - 2 1/2 gallon containers just in case but I would hate to use them on the busy Interstates.
Another would be Google Maps Gas Stations pictured do not have enough room or space to fill up, turn around etc..I immagine a 5th wheelers worst nightmare is getting trapped or blocked in with no way to get out...I am not experienced AT ALL and my neck is fused on one side so I have a limited motion to look around.I guess i could always go to the truck stops near by and unhook each time but what a pain and time killer that would be and hooking up is extremely difficult for me and my Brother has never even driven a 5th wheel. I drove just twice, 2 hours away each time. #nervousashell

Now a Vent: If you think driving without a voice would be tough try having to do that for every person you meet, every conversation you might have, every response , everyday of your life with few patient enough for me to write down a response before moving on to something else leaving me with a note to be scraped or another note explaining what the first note was about like almost every other note written. FRUSTRATING! Thus I spend considerable time alone even though i was the most social person you ever met before Agent Orange took hold of my life.
Enough for the VENTING.

10-16-2018, 06:35 AM
Roger, I believe once you have made this trip you will look back and say that all the prep was worthwhile. I only have one (2?) little caveat: Your driving time for 212 miles should read closer to four hours. Bathroom stops in rest areas take time and a little break wouldn't hurt you. Believe me when I say that 650 miles in a day towing your RV burning gasoline is TOO DAMNED FAR! Stress is going to take its toll. Rock that back to 450 the first day. I'd like to hear what the rest of the members here think also.

10-16-2018, 10:05 AM
I think you worry way too much and are not going to enjoy the trip. All the other rv'ers seem to make the trip without much issue, and I think you will too.

10-16-2018, 04:14 PM
The joy of having a diesel-readily available. I think your projected mileage for a day is too high Even with two of you, 650 miles is a long day. You will need to stop and walk around periodically and as the day goes on, unless you are one of the lucky ones, you will stiffen up. I'm 71 and a cyclist, and 325 miles in my truck is about all I can take. Don't expect to sleep when your co-driver is at the wheel, as there is a lot going on around you. Even with a GPS you need a navigator.