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07-29-2018, 10:52 PM
Has anyone install an outside radio antenna? Last year I dug out the stock antenna wires from behind the radio and spread them out and remounted them. It helped a little.

Now I'm wondering about installing a small whip antenna on the roof.

Anyone do this? If so what were your results?

08-07-2018, 03:00 PM
Yes, I mounted conduit, zip tied to the ladder on the rear of the 5th wheel, then an FM antenna on the conduit, easy to install and re-install. Coax was run inside the conduit, and in through a gap in one of the slides. Worked great.

08-07-2018, 05:09 PM
You might improve signal strength with a simple "T" dipole inside, or a 1/4 wave auto rod type (30.5") outside. Be careful of overall height so it doesn't hit anything. Obviously the higher the better for reception. Perhaps a small rubber-duck could help, they tend to be marginal.

08-07-2018, 09:47 PM
What language are you talking? :D You want me to take my rubber duckie from my bathtub and use it for an antenna? :D:D

08-08-2018, 07:03 PM
Teehee, caution: rubber duckies that fly upside down, might quack up^^.

Seriously: a rubber duck is common on walkie - talkies, durable but kind of poor performance.

08-08-2018, 07:07 PM
[QUOTE=Mtntrek;25124]Teehee, caution: rubber duckies that fly upside down, might quack up^^.


01-16-2019, 03:34 PM
I have looked at my antenna but it’s a single wire. Did yours have 2 wires? Did yours have a single wire and did you attach it to the copper core wire in the coaxial cable?

01-16-2019, 04:23 PM
I assume you are talking about the FM antenna, which should be coax. This is what I used: https://www.amazon.com/Stellar-Labs-30-2435-Outdoor-OMNIDIRECTIONAL/dp/B00DHHOZBI, coax from the antenna to the coax connector on the rear of the receiver.