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06-03-2018, 07:54 PM
Hello all. My family and I have been tent campers for years. We have finally decided it is time to move up to have a bit more comfort and convenience so we are preparing to buy a 5th wheel some time between December and February of next year. I am immersing myself in education on everything there is from coaches, to trucks, to gear, etc. I am a research junkie so I absolutely love doing it. I am well aware that our first coach will last maybe two years at best before we upgrade/change to something else so I just want to get the most reliable and effective coach I can for the first one.

I would love to hear any of the thoughts that you all have on what you would have done differently when buying your first coach now that you have been through that process and have the experience you do now. Things I should avoid, things I MUST do, etc.

Thank you all in advance.
Loren Smith

06-04-2018, 12:46 AM
Welcome to the forum.
We are on our 7th unit--from small TT to now 38' fiver. Wasn't near the selection when we started in '79, so research is necessary as you are doing. Suggest you don't buy new if planning an upgrade in 2-3 years. Any brand you consider, take a close look at the owners' forum for it...can be very enlightening.
Good luck, good hunting.

06-04-2018, 08:09 AM
Thanks Wingnut60 for that. We do plan on going pre-owned for our first as we know that as we get adjusted to an RV from tent camping, things are going to be a lot different and I figure we will change/upgrade within 2-3 years of our first. Thanks for the owners section tip. I will definitely do that.