View Full Version : What do you do with your house while you are on the road?

Dog Woman
04-09-2006, 07:18 PM
We have a 3-story home with a full mother-in-law apartment upstairs = total 5,000 sqft. We do not want to sell our home - we have spent many years landscaping, 2 remodels, it is situated on a small lake with 75 acres of wetlands surrounding us = gorgeous. We would like to hear what other RVers do with their homes while traveling. We have considered leasing it out, have a house-sitter come in with all furnishings in place & pay rent, or get a real estate manager. Many RVers we have talked to have sold their homes in order to afford the big rig with all the wonderful amenities & satellite dish, etc., but realize after 10-15 years and getting on in age, they want to go back to a house. Then they are facing the current real estate market.

Suggestions please. :lol:

04-10-2006, 08:33 AM
Can you charge rent to a house sitter???? Always heard that you had to pay them.