View Full Version : Water Regulator vs. Restrictor

02-24-2018, 10:21 PM
Took our new 5er out this weekend. When I purchased I was given a “regulator” that is really a water restrictor that makes sure the water pressure does not go above 50 psi. I see on all these “must have” lists that most list a water pressure regulator with a gauge. Besides the gauge there any real advantage to having regulator vs. restrictor?

02-25-2018, 11:01 AM
I find the regulator with gauge to be more help because you can adjust it. Lately I don't even bother with one unless the camp ground has really high pressure.

02-25-2018, 10:35 PM
Get a Watts w/gauge and adjustment--they are rebuildable if they go bad. Very well made

I also never use one unless CG warns me of pressure--the house filter restricts our water pretty well.

02-26-2018, 10:21 PM
There are indeed full flow water pressure regulator valves that generally cost more than a restriction type. They typically have larger springs, diaphragms and internal ports. Much like a water saver shower head that restricts the volume of water presented even if it appears to have acquit pressure. You may not need the capacity my DW needs shampooing her thick hair. Volume can be lacking in the economy PRV models. Water volume, pressure can be controlled individually. We've been to several RV parks over the yrs. where the pressure approached or exceeded 100psig. They'll usually exhibit warning signs. Rule #1 happy wife happy life. Rule #2 refer to rule number 1 etc.
Best of luck.

02-28-2018, 12:39 AM
Like Wingnut60 says, adjustable, repairable. Easy to use and I had several gauges around house so I got the Watts without gauge at https://www.rvwaterfilterstore.com/Adj.htm. One other big difference mentioned by Mtntrek is flow. The Watts have great flow. The restrictors do not.