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12-25-2017, 11:30 AM
We have a 2016 36RSSB3 that is having slide out issues. Recently when we pull the slides in and connect our truck to pull out, when I retract the front jacks, the kitchen slide drifts back out partially, all on its own. This has happened 3 times. When I pull it back in, it stays. But it seems like the activation of the front hydraulics causes the slide to drift out. I am wondering if possibly there is a faulty check valve or something allowing the fluid to leak out of those slide cylinders. Any one else ever see this or have any ideas?


12-26-2017, 08:27 AM
Not sure this will help, but I seem to remember it may help to run the slides in/out thru several cycles. Also, the front jacks down/up without putting pressure on them to lift. On manual operation...

12-26-2017, 11:08 AM
I believe Wingnut is onto the secret. I believe that air has entered your system, no telling how from this side anyway. Check your fluids and then follow his advice.

01-04-2018, 02:31 PM
Don’t know if you resolved the slide problem or not. But I had the same exact problem with the same exact make, year, and model. Took it back to Lippert in Goshen, Indiana (maker of the hydraulic system) twice. First they replaced the valve control. Did not fix it. Second time they replaced the hydraulic cylinder for that slide. Appears to be working fine now. Good luck.

01-04-2018, 08:08 PM
We have not resolved the issue yet. The trailer is in Albuquerque and we will be picking it up in a couple weeks. I will be watching to see if it keeps doing this. If I can't get it resolved, I will call the factory or Lippert and see if we can get it resolved. Thanks for all the input.

03-23-2020, 10:58 AM