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10-30-2017, 12:52 PM
Bare minimum truck to pull a 36' 5th wheel not very far at all? My mother in law bought a 5th wheel to stay in full time without thinkin it through but she will be stayin at an RV camp site where she'd need to move it just every 7 months or so for about a week. There's an RV site literally across the way from where she's at not even a full mile up the road, and worse case scenario, there's one 30 miles over in the next town, all flat, straight back roads to get there. My husband wants to be able to move it when needed (probably an excuse for truck) and so we have 3 options for our budget.

1. 2001 Chevy 1500 HD 6.0L V8 (specs are practically identical to a regular 2500, it was actually advertised as Chevy 2500 but after I checked the VIN its a 1500HD) but this truck already has mods, bigger tires, tow package and slight lift and its what my husband's already leanin towards (more like he's wanted a truck like this but now even has more of a reason to buy one)

2. 2000 Ford F-350 7.3L turbo diesel (not a dually) but completely stock.

3. spend even less and pay for his brothers 2015 F-150 to get an appropriate hitch installed (my idea).

We're not tryin to buy a dually or even a very brand new truck now since this would be our 4th car and running out of parking spaces in our driveway.

Thanks for any advice, we're tryin not to impulse buy, but the 1st of the options a really really good deal and if its an do-able to option to tow a 5th wheel short distances then we'll probably go for that if possible.

10-30-2017, 04:08 PM
There are lots of different weight '36 ft' fifth wheels--you would be better off finding someone who owns a pickup with hitch already in it and rent it (rent the owner, also?) to move. Should be any number of people you have come in contact with that could do the job...this way, no added truck, no hitch purchase. If it is an older fiver, chances are it is very heavy and would probably set a 150 on its rear axle. If a newer one, and a 'light' model, could be done--but then you have the cost of the hitch.
Think this over a little more, and good luck.

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10-30-2017, 05:23 PM
Since this is going to be a couple of times a year, I would hire it out to someone with a proper truck and knowledge of towing a 5th wheel. I would think someone in the park she will be sitting in would like to make a few bucks, how much is between you guys to make the move safely. I moved a few trailer for folks in my park when I had my truck for free, oh I did get some cookies, but they needed help and I could help, so that was a no brainer. Why spend the money when you can get by without it?

10-31-2017, 06:10 PM
As a newby here I'm afraid I have to side with Wingnut and Stripit. This is not our first rodeo with heavy 5v'ers and I believe the best idea is to ask around in the park to see who would move it for you every now and then. In our regular park in Florida I could round up a crew of five men and a truck with just the promise of free coffee and a story to tell! As previously stated, the older 36 foot 5v'ers will probably weigh a lot,; more than any 150/1500 is suited for.

11-03-2017, 11:10 AM
I agree with those above. A case of beer once moved mine when my truck was disabled by a fire. If even thinking about using a light truck put a set of air bags on it!