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09-19-2017, 01:39 PM
Hi, my name is Greg and I live in Kansas City. I went through stage 4 throat cancer years back (13) but now having a lot of issues from scar tissue,

Anyway, I've been researching 5th wheels and TV's trying to find the right combo. I need a good year round 5'ver, I'm going to look at a 2005 DVR 36TK3 it's been used but looks pretty clean. The owner works for the railroad and every other week at the most, he would haul it with his 2008 F-450 and always park at RV sites. He's asking around 16K.

I got a substantial check from SSD and figure this is my best way to go. any advice would really be appreciated. I found a 95' F350 with 106k on it 460 engine, body has some dings but no rust and think I can get it for $2500.

Please let me know what any of you think about the 5th wheel and truck combo,am I even heading in a good direction>

Thanks and looking forward to spending some time on here :-)


09-19-2017, 07:11 PM
Hello Greg;
The 36TK3 with most things inside for full time living will put almost up to 4,000 lbs of pin weight on the hitch in the truck, that trailer will have anywhere from 16,000 to 17,500 lbs of gross vehicle and if you use at least 20% of the gross number as the pin weight that is how you get that pin weight number. I don't think you can stay within the numbers set by the manufacturer for either rear axle or tires, or even gvwr for the truck. Check the vin plate for actual gross numbers. Depending on how the trailer is equipt and how well it has been maintained that is not an outlandish price. Check the tires, look to see if he has the 16 inch or 17.5 inch tires, check the age of them. Pretty spendy to replace 4 tires if they are old (check manufactured date stamped on the tire) or worn out. I'm sure others will give their thoughts. Welcome to the site and hope you stay a while...

09-19-2017, 08:26 PM
Sorry to hear of your issues, but I have some direct experience with the '05 for 10 years.
It was a solid trailer, and I got $27900 on a trade-in--so the price on the one you are considering seems very good.
I pulled mine with an '08 450 and it was a load for it, even tho it was rated for much more. The '95 will not do the job, either pulling or hauling the weight on the rear axle.
My '05 was rated at 16000 GVWR and weighted 15085 as built--there was a label inside one of the cabinet doors above the stovetop. For most of its life, my TK3 weighed around 17-17500 as used. They are very heavy units, very heavy for the size.
If you get it, I will help any way I can with what I know about it.

By the way, my TK3 made it to Alaska and back--twice

And, welcome to the forum.