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09-17-2017, 08:00 AM
Bought an older trailer to see if we are into travel trailers. Got a great deal on an immaculate trailer that was only used once, due to an illness in the family. a 2006 King of the Road Royal Villa.

I keep thinking it would be nice to have a generator just in case for the trailer or if we decide to stop in some out of the way place with no hookup.

The question is wattage for the trailer and what brand. I do like Honda, but they are pricey per watt, but I've noticed they are always dependable and run fairly quiet. I know there are other brands.

I have 4 generators at the house ranging from a Generac 17,000 propane unit, which is large, a 8600 watt diesel on wheels, and two gas generators- one Honda 2000 watt and a small Generac 2000 watt.

I assume the water pump and lights can run off the battery for a time. The refrigerator and water heater can run off the propane, but the two AC units will need juice!

Any help will be appreciated for a newbie!

09-17-2017, 09:56 AM
The fridge ALWAYS has to have good 12volt to operate, even on propane, so its necessary to keep the batteries in good shape and charged. Any of the gens you have will work for charging the batts. To run the ACs, you will need at least 3k watts for one and 5.5k for both. Is the unit gen prepped--that is, have wiring in place and a transfer switch in the front center compartment? If so, you have a good start to fitting an Onan 5.5/6.5 propane gen in there. If not, it is a difficult technical/safety situation to add one in the compartment. Many add the proper one to a hitch-mounted carrier at the rear.
My BIL uses a Honda 3000i for his Jayco from his pickup, but it only runs one AC.
Start thinking about good batteries--Trojan makes dependable 6volt units that can be seriesed for 12 volt and last a good while.
Keep in mind this is an old tech trailer and things have moved along a lot in the tech department lately. Lots of info on the internet--google for "the 12-volt side of life" for some help.

09-17-2017, 04:45 PM
You couldn't run the generator through your cord?

09-17-2017, 04:47 PM
Why 6 volt instead of twelve? You cut two 12's together parallel.

09-17-2017, 10:22 PM
Yes, you can have the gen connected to the cord, but they only have a 30amp plugin. You have to have the correct plug and wired correctly for 50amp, assuming the gen puts out 50amps. You can always use your 50amp cord with a 30 amp adapter to the gens with the 30amp plug.

As to the 2x6volts--it is your choice, but it is hard to find true deep cycle 12volts--most of them are made for cranking and momentary use. The 6volts will outlast the 12s.
Do it either way, most opt for 6volts after using 2x12volts. If you are going to be plugged in most of the time, 2x12 will work; if you will be doing a lot of dry-camping, you will soon find that the 2x6volts work better/last longer.

09-18-2017, 05:19 AM
Trojan has a 12 volt, but I'll do as you suggest!

Thank you!

09-18-2017, 10:06 AM
Lots of choices in batteries from Trojan, but there are others. Better they are, the more expensive. I just had 1260 watts of solar panels installed and put in 4 Lifeline 6volt batteries. Take your time--batteries are a big need and no place to skimp. But no need to overkill if your camping style doesn't need it.