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08-23-2017, 11:03 PM
Thank you for adding me to the group! My husband, 2 children and I have been traveling full-time on a 41' sailboat for over 9 years. Now that the kids have grown wings and flown, hubby and I sold the boat and are looking for a 5th wheel to travel the US. We haven't bought one yet, but are in the market for an older model less than $10,000. I'm leaning toward a 32' unit with washer hook ups, but my husband thinks we should go smaller... 27' or so. We plan to boon-dock a lot and I know I'd love a washer (on the boat in remote anchorages I used a bucket, fresh water and a toilet plunger to wash the clothes...I'm DONE with that!!) I've seen a layout for a 32' 2003 Jayco Eagle that I've fallen in love with.

Anyone here have a smaller 5th wheel with a washer?

Thanks again for adding me! Meri

08-29-2017, 08:22 PM
You probably won't find a small fiver with room for a washer/dryer, but check for older HitchHikers and Excels--might find one.
Check on RVTrader.com for some used models, also PPLMotorhomes.com---many of these will have floorplans that show if there is room for w/d. Might have to settle for the Spendide Combo on the really short trailers.
That $10k figure will be a real limiter in what you can find...

09-04-2017, 02:04 AM
We have friends we often travel with that have a 2005 Montana (35') with a stack-able Kenmore washer & dryer. It was an option when they got the trailer. They are more efficient and faster than our combo unit. Problem is, 50 amps is needed to run both units at the same time and you have to be careful of other things in use. Our combo unit will allow us to operate it on 30 amps but we switch our water heater and fridge over to gas when using the combo unit on 30 amps.


Our 2003 Everest (38') has the combo cabinet (picture below) just forward of the axles so not much is transferred to the hitch weight. Our friends Montana has the stack able unit in a cabinet just inside the entrance door.