View Full Version : Insurance saying normal wear ...NOT!

06-16-2017, 02:57 PM
We have an older 1997 Terry 5th wheel. The winter in Idaho was the worst winter in 50 yrs. We had storm after storm. Businesses and homes roofs were collapsing. This is the damage our trailer got. State Farm insurance is trying to say it normal wear and tear and won't pay for it.
My question is how do I get State Farm to understand it was the weather that caused this. It was fine when we parked it in November. I know the siding looks terrible and dirty in the pics. It's tape residue from duct tape trying to protect it.
We didn't go and check on it during the winter because my family was going through a lot. My husband's Dad died May 2015. My Dad May 2016. My Mom Feb of this yr. So it's kinda took all our energy to just survive.
Thanks for your for coming answers.

06-17-2017, 07:42 AM
Not good on the damage, but I think you are probably on your own about this--just too much age involved. They also won't be sympathetic about your personal situation, either--just not in their DNA.
Depending on your expected use in the future, and how much you care how it looks, duct tape was wrong item. Look up Eternabond on internet and read about it--proper use of it should keep it from leaking further and it does look better than duct tape if applied properly.
Good luck.
And, welcome to the forum.